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First Arabianranta, next Jätkäsaari, soon North Helsinki… Urban housing constructions by independent associations are slowly becoming reality also in Helsinki. A desire to build one’s own house is deep rooted in Finnish mentality. In urban surroundings, however, one may not be able to build a single-family house – but it might be possible to find a group of nice future neighbors and join their forces.

An independent housing association, Hem i Stan, is now developing a whole urban residential block in downtown Jätkäsaari area. Their vision is to develop an ecologically and socially oriented building, where the neighbors know each other. The plan includes large common facilities, roof gardens, solar panels – and of course flats where one can contribute to the layout and looks.

More plots for self builders will be available in Northern Helsinki by the beginning of 2010. Find more information on the web pages of the municipality of Helsinki: