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During the past summer of 2010, the Londoners have had the chance to witness an ingenious example of turning a derelict petrol station into an exciting public space. The Cineroleum is a project by a collective of young artists, architects and designers, who have transformed a empty petrol station on Clerkenwell Road, London, into a hand-built cinema. The space is constructed with primarily donated and found materials. The theatre space, enclosed from the street only by curtains, is truly a street-side cinema exposed to the city – but at the same time a very intimate interior. The flip-down seats are supported by a scaffolding structure and made of wooden scaffolding boards.

The group behind Cineroleum describes their project as a pilot demonstrating the potential for the transformation of the 4000 petrol stations lying derelict in the UK, into exciting and unusual spaces for public use.http://www.sibear.ru

With its unique atmosphere, the theatre takes its audience back to the roots of the cinematic experience. It is a celebration of the old times glamour and extravagance of the picture palace, an “improvisation of the decadent interiors that greeted audiences during cinema’s golden age”. With a programme of off-beat classics that celebrate the social experience of watching the big screen, stars from Buster Keaton to Barbarella will flicker over The Cineroleum screen.

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