Peer-reviewed articles:

Hernberg, H and Mazé, R. (2017) ‘Architect / Designer as ‘Urban Agent’: A case of mediating temporary use in cities’. In Nordes 2017 Design + Power.

Drawing upon two projects of Urban Dream Management, Kalasatama Temporary and Temporary Kera, this paper by Hella Hernberg and Ramia Mazé elaborates the role and work of architects and designers in mediating temporary use, taking the concept of ‘urban agent’ as a point of departure. Part of HH:s doctoral research, read more here.



Books and Reports:

TYHJÄT-TILAT-kansi1024The Vacant Spaces (Tyhjät tilat) project (2013-14) by the Finnish Ministry of the Environment searched for new solutions and methods for revitalizing unused spaces. The project looked at existing spaces as a resource that should be taken in better use both on a temporary and long term basis, building ground for a more resource efficient and culturally sustainable use of the built environment. Inventive and flexible solutions for real estate management and reuse can also create lively and diverse urban environments and characteristic spaces where their users can have an impact. The report by Hella Hernberg was published in 2014.


Helsinki Beyond Dreams (2012) is a book about new grassroots innovations and urban culture in Helsinki. The book offers inspiring stories written by a culturally varied group of urban activists, thinkers and artists – illustrated by vivid imagery. Edited by Hella Hernberg and published by Urban Dream Management, the book is part of the official program of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.




Urban Dream Management book cover

Hella Hernberg’s master’s thesis for architecture Urban Dream Management (2008), discusses the role of temporary uses and events in revitalizing abandoned urban spaces, and new forms of public participation and innovation in urban development. The work gave a start to the blog and company Urban Dream Management in 2009.

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Selected articles:


Uinuvan toimistoalueen renessanssi / New Futures for Old Offices (2015). Published in: Berglund Eeva, Kohtala Cindy (eds): Uusi Helsinki? 11 näkökulmaa kaupungin mahdollisuuksiin / Changing Helsinki? 11 Views on a CityUnfolding. Helsinki: Kustannusosakeyhtiö Nemo.

The article looksis at Pitäjänmäki as an emblem of the underuse of office buildings. Why shouldn’t those vacated buildings be adapted to the real needs of today? Accepting and facilitating change sets the planning and management of urban space into a fresh light and calls for a new logic, one of adaptation.


finnish-design-yearbook-1-1024x684 A city by co-design (2014). Published in: Jokinen, Liisa (ed): Finnish Design Yearbook 2014-2015. Helsinki: Design Forum Finland.

An article about how new design tools help create possibilities for citizen engagement in city development and activity. »Read article




New Deal: Architecture in Times of Change and Scarcity (2013). Published in: Kauste, Juulia (ed): Transformation towards a Sustainable Future. Helsinki: Museum of Finnish Architecture. pp. 20-27.

The article discusses the problematics of scarce material resources in today’s built environment, and how we could find ways to better utilize existing buildings and spaces.



A city in the grip of change (2011). Published in: Hagelstam, Katja; Visser, Pietke; Lamppu, Eva: 20+12 muotoilutarinaa Helsingistä / 20+12 Design Stories from Helsinki. Helsinki: WSOY. pp. 170-171

A story about recent breakthrough of urban culture in helsinki in a book that presents interviews and mini-essays by a range of Helsinki-based creative professionals.



“Wau-toiminta” on Helsingin salainen ase (“Wow actions” are the secret weapon of Helsinki) (2012). Article about the potentials of the temporary use of vacant industrial buildings, introducing the L3 warehouse in Helsinki.
In Sarana (Hinge) – a publication by Helsinki Economic Development / Creative Metropolitan Region.

Text: Hella Hernberg, Timo Hyppönen, Tuomas Siitonen.


Dear Mark: A Letter from Helsinki (2011). A story of emerging urban culture in Helsinki, with personal impressions on the city’s ongoing urban transformations.

Published in Mark #35 (Dec 11 / Jan 12). Text and photos Hella Hernberg.




From Shrinking Cities to Rural Dreams (2010). Published in DOUBLE HAPPY: (8+8=19) Views on Architecture in Finland and China, a new review published by Newly Drawn and edited by OK Do. Text: Hella Hernberg. Photography: Hella Hernberg and Timo Tuomas.
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Kohti Unelmien Kaupunkia / Towards the City of our Dreams. The article discusses temporariness and change as a resource for the city. Published in the Finnish architectural review ARK 2/2009. Text and photos: Hella Hernberg.
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