Kalasatama Temporary – Kalasataman väliaika

Kalasatama is one of Helsinki’s former cargo ports, which was relocated to the eastern suburb of Vuosaari in 2008. As a result, wide-open asphalt fields and shorelines with new views towards the city centre have opened up. An area comprising 175 hectares will be home to about 25,000 people and 8,000 work places during the coming decades.

In collaboration with Part Architects, Urban Dream Management worked as a consultant to develop and coordinate temporary uses and cultural activity in the empty parts of the harbor. The project, named Kalasatama Temporary, aimed to vitalize the place and help creating its new identity, while giving the residents of Helsinki an opportunity to leave their mark on the city.

The project was started in 2009 with an open brunch in exchange for ideas, in order to find out what people wanted to do. After the brunch, working together with different urban groups and NGOs, we developed a strategy and platform that enabled active participation for people of all ages.

The idea was to encourage active initiatives from citizens, and for the most part, all the activity has been in people’s own hands. Small things have been provided to enable and facilitate activity, such as containers, playgrounds, trash bins and a water supply for urban farmers.

During the two year project, Kalasatama quickly evolved into a prominent stage for grassroots activities: an area for free art exhibitions (held in a container), legal graffiti, bicycle brunches, swimming, night movies, urban gardening, high-end cuisine and self-built skate parks and saunas. The activities have also attracted great media coverage.

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  • Client: City of Helsinki
  • Team: Johanna Hyrkäs, Tuomas Siitonen, Hella Hernberg / Part Architects
  • Duration: 2009-2011
  • Photos: Johannes Romppanen, Hella Hernberg