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The new Kalasatama shore route was opened on Helsinki day, 12 June, accompanied with the sounds of wind and storm. The brave ones who made their way to the harbour despite the challenging weather, got to admire the views and participate in lot of different activities along the route: dancing, theater, bicycle workshop, outdoor live chess, children’s building workshop, animation container, urban farms and a lot more.The mayor of Helsinki, Jussi Pajunen officially opened the route, which is marked with green lines on the asphalt. The festive velvet ropes standing in the middle of the asphalt plains could have been an art object themselves.

Pajunen and town planner Mikael Sundman both praised the central location of Kalasatama, which might come as a surprise for people visiting the harbour for the first time. Only on the spot, can you grasp the proximity of the harbour to both the city centre and to the eastern parts of the city. As Mikael Sundman put it, the views from Kalasatama reveal the elements that form the soul of Helsinki: the sea, the archipelago, pipes of power plants, the orange metro line, housing towers and facades of the city centre.

From now on, the route and the area are open for all visitors. Also the green containers parked in the harbour will offer different activities throughout the summer.

Some picks from the Helsinki day:

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