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Work in progress / Photo: Karri Kuoppala

A tip for an excursion into Helsinki suburbs: Take the local train (or bike) northward and go visit the library of Tapulikaupunki. At this local library currently under threat of abolishment, an exhibition presents art made by local teenagers, under the theme “What already exists in our neighborhood and what is lacking there”. The exhibition is a product of a youth art workshop organised by the Suburban Project by Helsinki City together with artist Karri Kuoppala and graphic designer / architect Tuomas Siitonen; both also former specialists in street art. As Tuomas Siitonen tells, the teenagers’ artworks created excitement and a collage of them may also be developed into an environmental art project in the surrounding area.

There are many other suburbs in Helsinki that might also offer chances for different adventures and new views to your city. Ideas can be found at the exhibition Sub 26 – Happening Suburbs hosted by Laituri gallery, presenting 26 different neighbourhoods in Helsinki. A book with the same title has also been published as a guide for excursions into the suburbs, either by bike or by public transport.

A scene from the exhibition at Tapuli library /Photo: Tuomas Siitonen