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A community garden in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin

Food safety is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the world. How can we ensure availability of food, lower the environmental and moral impacts of its production and provide affordable, healthy and tasty ingredients for our meals also in the future?  

The Megapolis 2024 event, held by the Dodo organization last weekend in Helsinki, addressed questions of food politics from different perspectives. One very prominent new trend that has gained popularity throughout the world recently, is urban farming. Besides the official allotment gardens run by the city, there are often numerous unused urban spots perfect for gardening – although a little guerrilla attitude might be needed. Even if not a primary answer for world food crisis, urban farming can add to the availability of near produced food in urban areas, and also increase community spirit and general happiness.

Last summer, Dodo planted an urban farm near Pasila railway stalls, Helsinki. Zucchinis, salads and beetroots, planted in wooden containers and composted soil, turned out to produce a tasty and rich crop, also tested out to be clean of contaminants.

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