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DSCN5137AAfter the demolition of the Palast der Republik – a former symbol of GDR regime and a contradictory topic of discussion for years – Berlin has succeeded to turn this central spot by the Spree into a place that can be enjoyed by many. On a sunny day last August, I was delighted to visit the ‘Temporäre Kunsthalle‘ – a new platform for contemporary art in Berlin. For the next two years, this exhibition space will occupy the Schlossplatz, which is officially designated for a replica of a Preussian castle, destroyed in the war and to be rebuilt in the future. Whereas the future plans aim to rewrite history by replacing East German style with Preussian, the present activities bear in mind the site’s recent past, interpreting it and making it public. In the form of videos and spatial installation, the artist duo Allora & Calzadilla reflected on the theme of emptiness that has been a characteristic feature of Berlin since the cold war. The exhibition space is accompanied by a large outdoor grass field, and various events, such as outdoor movies. Why not try similar concepts in Helsinki, a city currently under major urban transformations!

IMG_5088A>> Check out also Zwischenpalastnutzung, a temporary use project that took place in the Palast der Republik before it was demolished.