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A wonderfully disgusting odour of fried fat is floating in the air. People are standing in a serpentine line on Eerikinkatu street, downtown Helsinki. A basket filled with greasy delicacies has just come down from the first floor window, tied in a rope. A group of Japanese tourists are looking suspiciously at their paper plates with chocolate-glazed bacon and pie made of Mars chocolate bars. http://ragrani.ru

Jussi Salminen runs the restaurant American Heart Attack alone from his home. His pop up cafe is an alternative to the abundant offerings of vegan and raw food during this one-day event in Helsinki.

““There were so many über healthy places that I decided to create a proper American menu””, Salminen explains.

On August 21, the Restaurant Day event was organised for the second time. Besides the American Heart Attack, people created about 180 temporary restaurants in Helsinki. The event’’s spokesman Timo Santala envisions that in the future, the carneval of semi-legal restaurants could be celebrated even 4 times a year.

This time, one-day restaurants were born also around Finland and even in Bulgaria and Great Britain. “”The concept is so original that it should have all the potential to spread even wider abroad””, says Santala.