About us

Urban Dream Management is a strategic design practice striving towards creative and sustainable cities – built with and for people.

We are interested in the potential of a changing city and its people. Our areas of expertise are innovative use of existing spaces and resources, and involving users and stakeholders in the development and governance of the built environment.

Through our projects we want to nurture the development of creativity and vitality in cities, and contribute to the development of cities that have a sustainable urban structure, inspiring and accessible spaces, a reliable and open administration and services that serve their users.

Who we are

Hella-Juho Huttunen-p-neliöUrban Dream Management was founded first as a blog in 2009 and as a company in 2010 by Hella Hernberg. Hella is an architect and designer who has 10 years of experience from different areas of design and research: from products to buildings, urban projects and strategic design within the government.

Despite being a small company, we are an agile player with a multidisciplinary network of collaborators; we can bring in different talents according to the needs of each project. We work with public sector institutions, private companies and the grassroots. Many of our projects are also self-initiated.

How can we help?

For us, design means facilitating change to achieve the desired outcome, be it a physical product, a space, a platform or a strategy. We apply human-centered design methods to a project from early stages on. We dig deep in research, but at the same time, do prototypes and experiments in practice, to test new concepts and ideas to make final solutions even better. We use visualizations to help people understand complex challenges.

Get in touch, if you need help in the following areas:

Talks, Mentoring and Education

We give inspiring lectures and talks on public or private arenas and at schools or universities. We offer mentoring and education services to your organization around our areas of expertise, for example helping you to understand user behavior, bringing design thinking to your organization, or smart use of existing spaces. We have a solid experience of teaching and lecturing at university level.

Our Clients

We work with public and private organisations. Many of our projects are also self initiated. So far we have worked with the following clients:

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