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People watching the animation "Portrait of a Place" by Carolina Sandell, on the window of the old harbor workers' building

Kalasatama, the former harbor area in uptown Helsinki, used to be an unknown part of the city but is now open for people. Students of the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts have utilised of the great potential of the vast unused area and its enchantment in winter darkness. The outdoor exhibition “Tuntematon Kaupunki – Unknown City” gathered people for a chilly evening walk around the windy asphalt planes this Tuesday evening. Sound, video and spatial installations scattered around the area offer new discoveries, but also the vast harbor itself with its lights and strange, unused objects, is full of magic.

Kalasatama in its present state is definitely a place like no other in Helsinki – and also a place soon to be changed. Therefore it is warmly recommended to visit! Remember to also dress warm and carry along a thermos bottle with something hot to drink.

The Tuntematon Kaupunki – Unknown City is a course focusing o urban public space, run by the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts already for several years. This year’s project in Kalasatama was organised in collaboration with Part Oy, who are developing a concept of temporary uses and environmental art for the area.

Art or not?
View under the old harbor ramp

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