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After the age of economic globalization, comes the age of the city. This is what argues the ‘Urban Age’, a worldwide conference platform that investigates the future of cities. Through conferences held since 2005 in cities like New York, Shanghai, Mexico City, London and Berlin, the Urban Age searches sustainable forms of urban development to meet the challenges of population growth, shrinking and radical restructuring in the rapidly changing urban context today. This year’s conference was held 5-6 November in Istanbul, an expanding metropolis and one of the worlds first global cities. The conference brought together world-renowned scholars such as Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen and Richard Rogers, with policymakers and civic leaders from around the world.

In order to encourage also citizens to take initiative to improve their cities and therefore to connect worldwide challenges with grass root solutions, the Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award has been established. This year’s award went to ‘Barış İcin Müzik’ (Music for Peace), an urban intervention in the form of a community music project located in Edirnekapi, one of Istanbul’s most disadvantaged inner-city neighbourhoods.

This is what the jury said: “Music is an essential element of urban life, in streets and other public spaces, connecting people and catalysing the best of a city’s potential. With more than a hundred participants, this project brings a remarkable quality to the neighbourhood: not only to the children themselves, but also to their families, and their local community. They are proud and their music creates a communal spirit, bringing together officials, educators and families.”http://business-jour.ru

The Deutsche Bank Urban Age Award is a traveling award organized in parallel with the Urban Age Project, a joint initiative of the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank’s Alfred Herrhausen Society. In 2007, the award was given in Mumbai, in 2008, in São Paulo, and in 2010, the award will be located in Chicago, United States of America.