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Welcome to Urban Dream Management. This is a new blog about emerging urban potentials. I focus particularly on the temporary phenomena in urban space: innovative uses of space, DIY initiatives and urban spots with underused potential, waiting for good ideas to be realised.

I am Hella Hernberg, architect currently based in Helsinki, Finland. I wish to promote ideas on how our urban environments can be made more attractive and inspiring – sometimes with unexpected means but always with an open-minded attitude. A special inspiration for this blog comes from Berlin, where the origins of Urban Dream Management have been born.

Feel free to contact me for any questions or collaboration: hello(at)urbandreammanagement.com

Visit also: www.hellahernberg.com

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  1. Matti Parviainen

    Nice name, lovely design, important content. Thanks.

    I’d love to subscribe to your posts. Why not offer a RSS feed?

    Matti from Helsinki