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IMG_5871AIf you decide to move to a newly built area in Helsinki in the upcoming decades, you might rub your eyes when you receive a postcard with greetings from the past.  

Last Saturday, during the Open House Helsinki event, a poetic installation by architecture students Erica Österlund and Jussi Vuori encouraged visitors to write a message to the future residents of Jätkäsaari, a former harbour area soon under construction in downtown Helsinki. The postcards with pre-printed addresses will be sent when the new residential areas have been built.

Open House Helsinki is an annual event that opens doors to buildings and places that are normally unaccessible. This year, the event gained even broader attention from people and media than before. In Jätkäsaari, a saturday afternoon exhibition about the area’s future was arranged in an atmospheric brick warehouse by Lars Sonck. The place attracted also a big bunch of children, who envisioned their future cities with great determination and creativity.